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Ann Johnston Sullivan founded the Johnston School of Irish Dance in 1993 with only four students. The students practice in the garage above Ann's home. This same stuido space was where Ann practiced her steps as a child. As people become more aware of Ann as a talend dancer and instructor the school outgrew the tiny dance studio.

Many families asked Ann to teach in the surrounding suburbs of Syracuse. In order to accommodate students traveling from the North, Ann purchased the Butler School of Irish Dance, Watertown, from Patrick Butler.
As the popularity of Irish dancing grew with the advent of Riverdance, school enrollment multiplied. In January of 1997, Ann asked long time friend and dance collegue, Patty Wilsch to join her in teaching students the love of Irish dance at her school. The following year Ann and Patty opened a school in Utica in addition to those established in Syracuse, Fayetteville,  and Watertown. In 2014, Ann purchased the Clann Na Cara  School of Irish Dance in Vestal, NY, bringing the school's dance locations to five. With the additional location, Ann and Patty brought in former student and TCRG Abby Trageser Cook.

Ann, Patty, and Abby continue to promote Irish culture through the love of Irish dance and music throughout upstate New York. Johnston dancers perform "dance-outs" all through the year, from weddings and anniversaries to school parties and cultural celebrations. But never are they more prominent than during the weeks preceding and including St. Patrick's Day, when Johnston dancers can be found everywhere you hear Irish music playing!

​School Info at a Glance:
  • Currently in our 25th year
  • Accepting Dancers as young as 4 years old
  • All teachers certified TCRG's through CLRG
  • Locations in Syracuse, Fayetteville, Utica, Vestal, Watertown
  • Dancers have the opportunity to compete locally, nationally and internationally
  • Solo and Team Dance opporutnities
  • Dancers perform often throughout the year, but expescially during the St. Patrick's Day season!


  1. Ann Johnston Sullivan
    Ann Johnston Sullivan TCRG, ADCRG
    Ann began dancing at the age of 4 with renowned Irish Dance teacher Patrick Butler. She earned her TCRG in 1993, and her ADCRG 2001. She now has five school locations across CNY .
  2. Patty Wilsch
    Patty Wilsch TCRG
    Patty also began dancing at 4 years old. She met Ann and formed a lifelong friendship while dancing for Patrick Butler. She joined Ann's school in 1997 and earned her TCRG in 2001.
  3. Abby Cook
    Abby Cook TCRG
    Abby danced for Ann and Patty for 17 successful years. Thanks to their dedication, love, and support, Abby went on to pursue her teaching certification and joined our school as a teacher in 2015.